Is it time to give your bedroom a makeover? We love a good bedroom renovation, especially when you're on a budget! There are many ways you can freshen up your space without having to spend a single penny. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Give your walls a fresh lick of paint

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh lick of paint to instantly enhance your space. If you have spare paint hanging around in your garage, don't be afraid to paint one of your walls. Go wild with patterns and checks to add some character. Or if you don't mind putting your hand in your pocket, go for some wallpaper to add some texture. 

Make your own headboard 

If you love doing things yourself, then why not make your headboard? A stylish headboard is a great option for those who want to add some class to their bedroom. It's a great way of incorporating style into your space and, you can get creative with it! Use leftover parts of solid wood, cushioning and fabric to create a quilted style effect. Decorate with diamonds (not real ones) or, if you prefer, big buttons. 

Freshen your space with some cosy rugs 

We recommend introducing a rug to your bedroom. Even if it’s just for comfort, there’s no reason you can’t have a bit of fun! Go for something that’s going to add some character. For example, textures, tassels and bright colours. Not only do rugs help with insulation and comfort to your room, but they also show off your style! Rag rugs are fantastic and, you can make them yourself! 


right rug, grey sofa, wooden table, blue cushions

Credit: Unsplash


Brighten your room with fairy lights

Fairy lights…you can’t beat them! They cost next to nothing and will give your room that special glow. They’re famous for making your room feel cosy and come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. Hang them above your mirror or lay them out on a shelf. The choice is completely up to you!

Switch up your furniture

This might sound obvious but rearranging your furniture can make your bedroom feel like a different place! We all get bored of our surroundings and need to spice things up and this is a free way to make your room feel fresh! Have a look at what furniture you have in other rooms, it might be that there’s something perfect for your bedroom that’s from another room!


wooden floor with cushions and rugs, seat swing and baskets

Credit: Unsplash


Have one big clear-out 

De-clutter! There’s nothing more therapeutic than getting rid of old clutter and things you’ve not used in years. The saying ‘less is more couldn’t be more true when it comes to the interior. Clutter builds up naturally in our homes, so avoid anything unnecessary! Remove old ornaments that take up surface space, and remove any outdated decor that's been with you since you were a teenager. 

Dress your walls with your favourite artwork 

Artwork is a great way of personalising your bedroom. and adding that desirable individuality, colour and feel. You don’t even need to bother with frames, arranging them in shapes and patterns can work just as well. 


white bed with bed lights and art work

Credit: Unsplash


Wall hangings are in right now and will bring your room to life! They cost next to nothing and usually cover a large space, perfect if your wall is a bit grubby or could do with a lick of paint! 


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