Personal style, we all have it. When someone walks through your front door, they get a glimpse of what you're like. Your interior captures your personality and character within the décor of your home. But have you ever wondered what your home style says about you? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends and see if we can get a glimpse into your soul!

Artistic Boho

Lover of nature, art and all things vibrant! You embrace freedom by following unconventional styles, like using a vintage suitcase as a coffee table. Creativity roots within your soul so you’re never afraid to experiment with out-there colours and patterns such as parquet when it comes to your home style. Boho is all about being ‘effortlessly messy’ and you have an eye for combining textures that others wouldn’t think to put together. Tapestries, wall-hangings and vintage décor combine to make a cosy, cultured and homey hang-out space. Perfect for those evening dinners with friends.

Boho living room sofa with cosy blanket and rug, oak parquet floor

Painswick Sparrow Oak

Organised Minimalist

If you’re a minimalist, you’re bound to be organised. You lead your life by having less but that doesn’t mean your lifestyle isn’t busy and sociable. You remove anything that distracts you from your carefully planned out goals so the clutter just has to go. You’re able to find peace and happiness through open space and non-materialistic things, like a simple vase of flowers placed in the centre of a room. Your perfect colour palette is neutral with monochrome featuring white wooden floors. You love to host dinner parties with family, even though you hate it when they make a mess!

minimal kitchen monochrome light oak floor

Elgin Tidal Oak

Trendy Traditional

You’re most comfortable when you do things the same way that they’ve always been done. Stable, consistent and structured, you’ve often adapted characteristics and style from generations within your family. You love to embrace vintage trends and the nostalgia of the good old days so a mid-century armchair or a chintzy wallpaper with some modern styling is right up your street. You’re the type to host Sunday roast dinners and only eat after eights, after eight. Cosy nights by the fire on your chesterfield sofa win over a house party on a Saturday night. You like to sit back and relax whilst admiring your vintage-look distressed wood floor

traditional room with chesterfield sofas, persian rug and distressed oak floors

Bibury Bronx Distressed Oak

Glamorous Chic

Glitzy, fancy and stylish. You get inspired by classic Hollywood movies, haute couture and city living. You’re a social butterfly. Saying no to a dinner party would never cross your mind, it would be rude not to get out those crystal flutes you bought! Being glam is what makes you stand out; you’re not afraid to be bold with feminine colour palettes like pinks or luxurious elements like gold and sparkles... Animal print rugs and velvet cushions together make a bold and trendy space for you to show off your inner Carrie Bradshaw.

living room bold print pink chair light parquet floor

Painswick Seal Oak

Vibrant Maximalist

If you’re a maximalist, you’re bold, creative and excessive (in a good way). You love to utilise space in the boldest way possible by filling a blank wall with lots of bright and colorful décor. You’re the collector of all collectors, you love to display objects that have been with you from your travels over the years. There are no rules for you when it comes to layering patterns and textures, you love to express your complex tastes. Your home style reflects your personality: an adventurous risk-taker who's always the life and soul of the party.

maximalist living room, yellow velvet sofa, rustic oak floor

Studley Harvest Oak

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