With more than 50 years of experience, British company Amtico Flooring manufacture, supply and design their own luxury vinyl tile floors. They are famous for their quality tiles and abstract look, with a huge range of colours and patterns that can be customised to the customers desired taste.

Amtico mainly operates their sales through flooring stores on the high street and are stocked by retailers such as John Lewis. But what makes them so different from other companies?

This article takes a look at all of the reasons you might choose Amtico Flooring, and the reasons you might decide to give them a miss and choose another brand instead.

Value for Money

Ever wondered if Amtico Flooring is worth the money? Whether you’re renovating a new house or simply giving your home a refresh,  new floors can be expensive, especially when you’re looking for a quality product like LVT as it's a more affordable choice of flooring.  And while Amtico does offer a few ranges at different price points, Amtico isn't always the best option if you're looking to save money.

Not everyone can afford premium branded flooring, so at Luxury Flooring, we’ve crafted a collection that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

How much should you expect to pay for Amtico Flooring?

Amtico floors range from around £20-90 per square meter, which can come to a hefty sum if you have a room that's 20 square meters. At Luxury Flooring, some of our floors are almost half the price with our luxury vinyl tiles starting at £12.95 per square meter and ranging up to £33.95. Our prices mean you can still have the dream floor but for a fraction of the price. Take a look at one of our customer's floors!


Ease of Installation

With Amtico Flooring, you need an Amtico-approved fitter which can make it more expensive when it comes to fitting your floor. You can get a fitter that isn’t Amtico-approved but then this may void your warranty. A lot of the Amtico floors need to be glued down which could involve extra costs for the adhesive and also for the time it takes to install. The more intricate the design or pattern, the more it will cost in time and money to install. They do have an Amtico Click Smart range which can be clicked together and floated rather than glued down.

At Luxury Flooring, the majority of our luxury vinyl tile floors come with a click-fit joining method which makes them easy to install without the need of any glue. Anyone can install our click-fit luxury vinyl tiles so our floors are extremely DIY-friendly. If you ever had a crack appear in one of your planks (which is unlikely with how durable our SPC vinyl really is) it can be easily replaced too. This is different to Amtico tiles which are directly glued down to the floor as this can cause issues with repair if the floor was to dent or crack.

Ordering your Floor

Amtico operates its business through major retailers and flooring stores which can be difficult for those who aren't able to travel or get out of the house.

At Luxury Flooring, we’re an e-commerce company where customers can buy their flooring directly from our website. So, how does this work?

Free Samples

Amtico Flooring does offer 6 samples per customer so you can order and then try before you buy. This is limited, however, especially if you’re after a custom pattern.

At Luxury Flooring, we don’t like to put a limit on your creativity, so feel free to order unlimited free samples if there are a few different types of floor you have your eye on (within reason, of course). After all, we know it can be difficult to narrow down your selection to a set number. Our free samples come with free next-day delivery too so you can get started on your project quickly.

Range of Products

Amtico has an extensive selection of floors. They have different ranges including Amtico Spacia, Amtico Form and Amtico Signature. With the pure volume of different colours, styles and types of product, it can be overwhelming and difficult to know where to start.

With us,  we make it easy for our customers with our Nest collection of glue-down tiles and click-fit vinyl. Our click-fit vinyl is all made from SPC which is an extremely strong stone-based core. Many of our vinyl tiles include underlay too to give you one less thing to worry about.

Our designs include different colours from the trending grey, minimalist white and ranges from black stone effects to natural-looking wood. Our herringbone designs have blocks of tiles that fit together in a beautiful zig-zag pattern. We think we offer something for everyone, but if you’re looking for really intricate designs and flooring motifs, then Amtico is definitely for you.

Nest Greige Herringbone Nest Greige Herringbone

How the Floors are Made

Like Amtico flooring, we manufacture and source all of our products. We carefully pick different colours and patterns and make sure every design has been beautifully crafted and quality-checked.


Amtico floors are said to be scratch and scruff resistant due to their unrivalled durability. Their flooring tiles are made up of 7 different layers that provide you with the ultimate protection against scratches.

Our SPC planks are made up of recycled stone and stabilizers to create a durable board. We understand that accidents can happen at home, which is why we offer a 30-year guarantee on all luxury vinyl tiles.

Comfort Underfoot

Stone and ceramic tiles can be quite cold underfoot, which is not what you want on a cold winter’s morning. Amtico tiles are warm and comforting underfoot with their clever construction of aesthetic layers. They provide a foundation that is comforting as well as the guarantee of high performance.

We craft and design our tiles with multiple layers to provide you with the ultimate comforting experience. As well as being stylish, we stock different options of stone and wood finishes that will look great in any room of your home.

Floors for Pets and Families

The durability of Amtico Flooring makes it great for those with dogs and other pets. Its scratch-resistant properties make it the number one choice of flooring for those with pets who scratch.

Our tiles are made of recycled limestone which gives you the ultimate ability against paw scratches, accidents and drool. It’s the perfect option for busy families and those with pets since our luxury vinyl tiles are water-resistant and durable. Take a look at our blog post for the best flooring for pets and children.


Cleaning and Maintenance

While you can use a vacuum with Amtico Flooring, you should avoid using steam mops as they can damage the floor and melt the glue underneath. They recommend you use their own flooring cleaner for the best results.

Our floors can be cleaned with a mop and soapy water which makes the cleaning process a whole lot easier!

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While we love Amtico flooring, our floors are just as durable, stylish and affordable. If you want something intricate, bespoke and heavily patterned then Amtico is definitely worth the money. But if you were to get a pattern like herringbone or single plank, choose Luxury Flooring for an affordable vinyl tile that's just as good.

Click here to shop our gorgeous Nest Collection of Luxury Vinyl Tiles. You won’t be disappointed!