When you’re looking for your wood floor one of the biggest aesthetic features in the grade of the product. However, you are not alone if you aren’t quite sure what they all mean. That’s why were here to explain what all of the different grades mean. There are four main grades to a wood floor, and these are prime, select, natural and rustic. Each grade offers different looks and characteristics including colours and knots which gives you plenty of choice if you're open to design options.

Prime Grade

The prime grade is the most uniform in appearance. It has less knots and has a consistent colour throughout the planks. This is perfect if you’re wanting a clean-cut and sophisticated look for a modern home or commercial property. Prime grade floors are available in both solid and engineered woods giving you the variety of both. As all engineered floors are suitable for use with underfloor heating, a prime grade engineered therefore is the perfect choice to any modern property. Whether you choose to have prime grade floor throughout your home for a consistent and fluid look or just use it in one room as part of a design feature, prime grade floors are truly gorgeous.

Select Grade

The select grade shows slightly bigger knots and a slightly more inconsistence in colour but ultimately still gives a stylish edge. Select retains a level of uniform and smoothness but has just a very slight natural look. If you want the clean look of a prime grade but wince at the price tag, then the select grade is your best alternative. Select grade floors are an excellent way of improving the overall look and worth of your home and works beautifully with preexisting home designs and or furniture. If you’re looking for a select floor in a bathroom or kitchen we would advise the use of an engineered floor every time. This avoids the floor expanding and contracting in heat changes as well as being easier to clean.

Natural Grade

The natural grade, as the name suggests, focuses on the natural and authentic look of the wood. Showing a fair number of knots and a more noticeable colour variation the natural grade gives a beautifully warm and homely aesthetic. Available in both solid and engineered the natural grade is perfect for any property by offering a relaxed look that can transform a lifeless room in to something more comfortable and inviting.

Rustic Grade

In terms of character and interest, the rustic grade floor delivers plenty. It’s bigger and chunkier knots and visible colour variation give the rustic grade floor its charming look. If a floor full of colour and life is what you need than the rustic grade is what you should choose. It has a stunning way of bringing a country look to a home and instantly gives that cosy and welcoming atmosphere to a home.

Here at Luxury Flooring and Furnishings we sell a wide range of wood flooring in all of the above grades. This gives you plenty of choice to customise and design your home exactly how you want. Why not make the most of our free sample service and order yourself one of each grade to see for yourself the beauty of each.

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