Oiled Oak Wood Flooring

Oiled oak wood flooring has become more and more popular in the last few years due to many people opting for a more natural looking wood flooring. Unlike lacquer that sits on top of the wood the oil sinks down into the wood enhancing the grain no end, each time more oil is applied it seeps down into the wood strengthening it. When it comes to repairing any areas that have become worn you will simply be able to apply oil to the areas needing attention unlike other types of flooring where you would need to sand down and refinish the whole room. All this means the overall life of oiled flooring far exceeds its lacquered alternative because you only ever need to sand down the  scratched, blemished area.  Upon receiving your Oiled solid oak flooring we always recommend you let your wood sit and acclimatise for around 7 days in the normal conditions of the room where it is to be fitted. This vastly reduces any chances of the wood warping, expanding or contracting abnormally.
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