SPRING SALE - Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! > Offers end Friday 30th April
Save up to 25% across 180 stunning floors! SPRING SALE - Offers end Friday 30th April

Parador Engineered Flooring

Parador are one of the world leading suppliers of engineered, laminate and synthetic flooring. Their engineered range is especially successful, offering a 25 year guarantee on most ranges and a variety of unique looks and finishes. Shipped direct from Germany, we stock every single one of the engineered products Parador have available.

Parador have been described as 'creative leaders' and 'trendsetters' in the field. They base their products on inspiration, intelligent technology, attention to detail, ambition and creativity. This has allowed them to create new possibilities in the flooring world, such as recyclable and eco-friendly floors, and unique patterns and designs. Expression of personality is vital to Parador, which is why they strive to offer so many options to suit all tastes - many floors may appear the same but have different grading or finishes for example; this is simply a reflection of their desire to meet and exceed all needs and expectations.

Compared to other products, all engineered Parador products are FSC and PEFC certified, making them excellent for the environment, and have a click fitting system built in for easier installation.

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- Parador Basic 11-5 - Parador Classic 3060 - Parador Trendtime 3 - Parador Trendtime 4 - Parador Trendtime 6 - Parador Trendtime 8 - Parador Eco Balance -
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