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Save up to 20% across 180+ flooring lines! End of Summer Sale - Offers end on Friday 25th September

Smoked Parquet Wood Flooring

Smoked flooring has been used since the start of the 20th century to preserve wood and give it a darker appearance. Our flooring updates the initial idea with modern methods to provide the same level of beauty.

Wood can be smoked lightly or dark to the point of black - it all depends on the length of time it is smoked for. The method was originally discovered when people noticed that wood is horses stables was darker the higher up it went, and it was determined that this was because of the rising ammonia from horse urine. Modern methods are of course are more hygienic than this - wood is exposed to ammonia and left in these conditions for up to several days, the darker the longer, so that tannins in the wood rise to the surface. It is these tannins that cause the colour change, and can be seen all the way through the wood.

As some tannins are deeper below the surface, they will be summoned at different rates, meaning every floor, although smoked in the same way, will look unique. Every smoked wood product will give your floor a lovely warm colour, helping achieve a homely feel in your home. The style is also perfect for those attempting to achieve a vintage look, and is excellent at hiding dirt in busy homes. The fact the tannins thus smoke effect goes all the way through also ensures wear and tear is resisted, and that beautiful smoked look is retained through the entire life of the product.

To create a unique finish, these floors can be oiled. Coloured oils such as white can create an overall light look with dark undertones - perfect if you are looking for something unique and personalised. For installation, it is possible to use the floating, glued or nail methods. The floating/clic method can be completed by DIY enthusiasts, although we recommend you get a professional in to help you. This will help reduce fluctuations in the wood based on changes in humidity. Glued down floors can help reduce sound, which is useful for flats above the ground floor. Nailed down flooring is also popular, but is hidden as to not alter the appearance of the wood.

It is possible to smoke real or engineered wood, so we offer plenty of choice for whichever you prefer.

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7 Item(s)
Painswick Burnt Oak 150 x 600 x 14/3mm Click
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Chamonix Yogurt Oak 90 x 750 x 15/4mm
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70mm x 280mm Smoked and Oiled Solid Oak Parquet Wood Flooring Blocks, 18mm Thick offer
Was £35.99 Was £29.99
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90mm x 600mm Double Smoked & UV Oiled Chevron Engineered Oak Wood Flooring, 18/4mm Thick
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90mm x 600mm Smoked, Brushed & White Oiled Chevron Engineered Oak Wood Flooring, 18/4mm Thick
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Painswick Spiced Oak 100 x 500 x 20/6mm
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90mm x 600mm Smoked, Brushed & Natural Oiled Chevron Engineered Oak Wood Flooring, 18/4mm Thick
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