Unfinished Parquet Flooring

These floors are perfect for those who want parquet flooring without a finish that often limits your options. Unfinished floors allow you to add your own finish in the style and amount that you like, making it personal to your taste and home.

Finishes can be applied to floors to protect them from damage, or highlight the woods natural beauty. However, it is often the case that the finish is wrong for your taste. For that reason, unfinished floors can be finished once installed by yourself using materials you desire. This helps personalise your home, thus making it more homely, as well as giving that sense of achievement that DIY provides. Leaving the finishing until after installation also helps retain the woods natural characteristics better, and make a more informed decision on how to match the floor finish with the decor.

If you dont want to finish the floor yourself, unfinished floors are still beneficial in terms of being more uniform in how they look and how they seal. This means they are more stable and there are less unsightly cracks and empty spaces.

It is also possible to stain wood before sealing it if you order it unfinished. You can stain it in any colour you desire, allowing again for greater personalisation and colours that may not be available when pre-finished. This could help match decor and better create the desired atmosphere in your room.

There are many different types of unfinished floor to choose from, so please browse our range to find your perfect one.

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  1. Chamonix Pale Oak 90 x 600 x 18/4mm Sale Badge
    Chamonix Pale Oak 90 x 600 x 18/4mm
    £46.96 £39.13 Was £93.94 Was £78.29
  2. Painswick Delicate Oak 90 x 400 x 18/4mm Sale Badge
    Painswick Delicate Oak 90 x 400 x 18/4mm
    £67.96 £56.64 Was £113.94 Was £94.95
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2 Items