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Click Parquet Flooring

Said to be easier and faster than the tongue and groove system, the click joining method is a popular choice. Similar to a jigsaw, the planks just pop together, making for better stability and seamlessness than planks that don’t have a joining system.

Also known as ‘click lock’ or ‘interlocking’ flooring, it is difficult for these planks to move under pressure. Some worry that the look or feel of the floor will be altered due to this, however this is inaccurate. As the interlocking takes place underneath the planks, rather than the top surface, it is unnoticeable even to professionals.

With real wood flooring, there is natural expansion and shrinkage in humidity changes. The effect of this is reduced with click lock flooring. Particularly with parquet flooring, where planks are smaller, this is important to maintain the look and quality of the floor. The planks are therefore more suitable for wet rooms such as kitchens or bathrooms, or rooms with lots of sunlight, thanks to the click lock system.

Due to this joining method, use of nails or adhesive is not necessary when laying the blocks. The system is strong enough the hold them in place, but if you are worried about the safety of children that may be running around, or are concerned about stability in high traffic areas, it is possible to glue or nail the floors for extra peace of mind.This can be done by any DIY enthusiast.

This flooring can be removed as quickly as it has been laid. Despite its durability and longevity, if you have to remove the floor for whatever reason, this should not be a daunting task! If you are worried about stability, and would instead prefer tongue and groove flooring for busy households or if you have children running around, you can see our range  here.

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