Tongue and Groove Parquet Flooring

These floors have a tongue and groove design. This means they are both easy to fit and sturdy once installed. It is more affordable than alternatives and easy to pick up for DIY, thus is very popular with our customers.

The way tongue and groove works is by layers underneath the floor jutting out to form a tongue, which connects to a groove on the adjacent plank - like a jigsaw effect. As this takes place under the surface, the beauty of the wood is not compromised, all whilst being study enough to not come undone under heavy traffic.

This is more popular than the newer click design, as it is easier to install amongst those who are inexperienced, and is often cheaper. It results in a flawless and seamless look that improves the flow of a room, making it look sophisticated and professionally laid.

The options for installation of tongue and groove planks are varied, and should be chosen depending on the traffic you expect in the room, and personal preference. The floating method is the first type: this involves utilising the tongue and groove design to secure the planks in place while they are placed on suitable underlay. This method does not require nails or adhesives, although a small amount of glue is recommended to minimise movement and add extra peace of mind if you are worried about the sturdiness of your floor. This method is the quickest and most simple, and makes mistakes easily corrected. This is particularly true with parquet flooring, which is split into smaller segments than other floors.

The next method is glueing or nailing. Nails can be attached at a 45 degree angle to hide them whilst ensuring extra stability. This is the most stable method, which is great for those in high traffic areas or with children who like to run around. Businesses commonly use this flooring for the same reason. The nails are not visible however, so is a method that proves worth it, albeit taking longer to install. Glueing is not as stable, but still more stable than floorings laid without. It all depends on what materials you have available, your experience level if laying it yourself, and the time you have available.

We have a wide range of tongue and groove parquet flooring available, so check out which one would look best in your home and buy today!

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