Grey Parquet Flooring

The neutrality of grey can help create an elegant, modern and sophisticated look in a home. As it is a neutral tone, any other colour can be used in conjunction with grey without any clashing. In addition, grey can help balance the tone of a room, making light rooms appear darker, and dark rooms appear lighter. This versatility makes it perfect in any home, and even moreso in the form of parquet blocks, as their mutual sophistication makes them a match made in heaven.

Grey never detracts from the beauty of your home. It can help bold colours pop even moreso to help you make more of a statement, or even be used for a minimal chrome look on the opposite end of the spectrum. Grey is so versatile that it is the perfect risk-free investment for your home - if you choose to change decor often, then you will have no limitations in your options. You could even incorporate grey floors in every room for a seamless look, yet each room would still be able to have its own unique character with the supporting decor. To add to this, light grey can also make rooms look larger without appearing cold, and dark grey can make rooms appear smaller without feeling unwelcoming.

Parquet is an excellent choice for your home, as it creates elegance and sophistication. The practicality of it is also widely sought after - any damage can be cheaply sorted by replacing individual blocks, and the patterns of herringbone and chevron can help accentuate certain features in a room, give rooms a better flow, and make them appear larger or wider. Overall, if you are not happy with the dimensions of your space, or wish to have greater control, grey parquet is perfect for you.

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