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Parquet Laminate Flooring

Parquet as engineered or solid wood blocks is not always ideal. It can be expensive, difficult to clean, or simply not provide enough options for your taste. This is where laminate parquet comes to the rescue. At a much more affordable price and not much difference in appearance, laminate parquet can help provide that elegant and timeless look in your home. The possibilities are endless with these floors, and we would recommend them to any homeowner who wishes to have control over the dimensions and atmosphere of a room.

Parquet patterns, such as herringbone, chevron and versailles, help add flow to a room and make a space appear larger or wider. These effects are useful if you are not pleased with the dimensions of your home, or wish to accentuate pieces of furniture or doorways. The versatile patterns also give you plenty of styles to choose from, meaning there is something for every home.

Due to the photographic image layer, laminate flooring can replicate wood, stone or tile effects easily. In the case of parquet, it is not uncommon to find plenty of beautiful oak, merbau, walnut and acacia options that are often not available or are too costly in real wood versions. As you can see from our options below, it is also much easier for manufacturers to provide mixed options to help create modern, artistic or monochrome themes as you desire, giving something to cater for even the most unusual tastes.

Practically, laminate parquet is superior to the wood varieties as it is much more water resistant. Under any changes in temperature and humidity or with the introduction of moisture, wood would shrink and warp, whereas laminate withstands such conditions. That being said, if planks are not tightly laid or water is left to seep into the cracks (i.e. spillages have not been cleaned up right away), then the non-waterproof core will be effected, shortening its lifespan. This should not be a problem however unless you are laying the flooring in a bathroom however, which we would not recommend for any parquet except vinyl.

Although laminate doesn’t last as long as wood parquet, this is not important if you are only looking an approximate 20-25 year flooring solution. Any damage will in fact be less costly to replace, and if you are still moving up the property ladder, laminate may be perfect to provide comfort and a homely feel without investing more than necessary.

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