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Merbau Parquet Flooring

Merbau Parquet wood is rustic, meaning it contains more knots and imperfections that other alternatives. If you want a floor with character and warmth, this is the wood species for you.

Merbau has an old fashioned appearance due to its many variations in the different wood blocks, meaning if the rustic or vintage feel is what you are trying to achieve, you will do well with this type of wood. As a parquet flooring, the blocks can be arranged as you like to ensure the unique shade and personality of each block creates the look you like best. Parquet floors are also easier to clean or replace upon damage or scratches - although you wouldn’t need to since merbau hides any scratches and damage well!

Merbau also has ribbon figuring, which again hides scratches and other damage, and creates the rustic look. It also allows for a versatility that makes the floor work in any room.

This wood is known for its ability to withstand humidity, meaning changes in season should not drastically effect the wood. This also makes it much better quality than other woods in terms of longevity and durability, and is excellent value for money considering we always keep our prices competitive! We also offer a price match promise for this reason.

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