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Walnut Parquet Flooring

For a popular dark and rich flooring option, walnut is perfect. It will give your home an elegant and stately feel, and even improve the value of your home for selling in the future.

Walnut is an excellent choice for parquet flooring. It can vary in shade, with deep brown to even purple tones, meaning arranging it how you want - as parquet flooring allows - is preferred. Parquet also helps efficiently replace damaged parts of the floor, by exchanging one block rather than the entire thing. That being said, damage and dirt are not easily seen amongst the shade of walnut, making it excellent for busy or messy homes.

There are many different tones of walnut based on where the tree used originates. For example, English walnut has lighter tones, whereas Brazilian walnut is much darker, as well as being more durable. The shade and durability will also depend on which part of the tree is used. Lighter wood usually comes from the outer rings, whereas more chocolatey tones are from deeper within. Please take a look at our range to see which walnut floor is best suited to your taste and needs.

Walnut floors, regardless of the species or part of tree used, often contain a combination of different tones of brown within the grain, which along with the knots, adds a sense of character. Overall, walnut is wonderful as a parquet flooring for those who are looking for both practical and aesthetic benefits.

Walnut is known for being able to withstand cracking or warping over time, giving it excellent longevity, thus worth the slightly higher price tag in comparison to other floors. However, we always offer competitive prices, and a price match guarantee, so this should not be a worry when purchasing with Luxury Flooring!

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100mm Prime Pearl Satin Lacquered Herringbone Engineered Walnut Wood Flooring, 14/2mm Thick
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