Solid Wood Flooring    Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring in Darlington, County Durham

We have been supplying many floor coverings in Darlington for the last 5 years. We are well renowned for supplying the highest quality wooden and laminate floors at the lowest prices. We have many representative around the darlington area that would be more than happy to come and pay you a visit so they can show you the full ranges we have on offer alternatively feel free to request some free samples through the website. 

Solid Wood Flooring in Darlington: Solid wood flooring is one of the most desirable flooring products on the market as it offers many different styles, finishes and species, so there is always a product for everyone. We understand that solid wood flooring can be out of some peoples price range however we can guarantee you we offer the cheapest solid wood flooring in the country. 

Engineered Wood Flooring in Darlington: Engineered wood flooring is constantly growing in popularity as it offers a bit more stability than solid wood, engineered wood flooring is less prone to expansion and contraction. Engineered wood flooring is also suitable for underfloor heating and comes in a variation of different thickness. 

Laminate Flooring in Darlington: Laminate flooring can be used in both modern and traditional homes as a good cost effective alternative from natural wood and stone. We are one of the biggest laminate flooring distributors in the country and we offer the highest quality brands at the lowest prices. We offer next day nationwide delivery on all our products. 

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