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Beige Rugs

A beige rug is an extremely popular flooring choice for a number of reasons, and could be the solution for you too. Being that they are neutral, calming, and versatile, a beige rug will work fantastically with any style of décor. In addition, our rugs come in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and fibres, meaning that you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing something appropriate for your home.

One huge benefit of choosing a beige rug is how well it works in patterns. Neutral shades blend into each other effortlessly to create an effect that is stylish and classy, without being too ostentatious or ambitious. With a beige rug in a unique pattern, you can get an eye-catching room centrepiece that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of your room’s features.

Beige rugs work particularly well in more traditional patterns, influenced by Afghan, European, and antique styles. Our range utilises strong border patterns that work to emphasise the shape of the rug, and lend a sense of scale to the room in which it’s been placed. We also have beige rugs in which the pattern is focused more in the centre, giving the impression of a grand ballroom or hallway, and really adding a sense of luxury.

We also have more contemporary designs that showcase a different element of beige’s tone. Whereas the traditional designs highlight how versatile beige is when used in complex patterns, our simpler, more modern designs focus on the tone itself, matching block tones of beige to create a unique, calming, centring effect. While still influenced by traditional designs, making use of borders and a strong central shape, the patterns are far simpler and more geometric, and would be a great compliment to any minimalist décor in your home.

When choosing the right thickness for your rug it’s best to consider the room or location it’s going to go in. Because our beige rugs are designed as statement pieces, they work best as a thinner, lighter rug that’s less likely to get a lot of foot traffic. Heavy foot traffic may take its toll on the patterns of our traditional rugs, but given that they’re best suited as room centrepieces, this shouldn’t be a problem. You can also choose our beige rugs in a variety of sizes, and in round as well as rectangular shapes, increasing their versatility.

As a colour, beige has an unfair reputation. It’s used by some to connote blandness, boredom, and lifelessness. This is far from being true, and beige rugs prove that. We want to re-appropriate beige for the 21st century and highlight just how useful a tone it can be! A beige rug adds texture, warmth, and character to any room. It can be used as a statement in its own right, or as a complement to other more ornate pieces of furniture. It works in lounges, studies, guest rooms and master bedrooms, and can fit whatever mood you are looking to create. Ignore the naysayers; browse our beige rugs today!

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