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Black Rugs

Black rugs are ideal if you're working on lighter floors – something like an exposed wooden floor, or a light coloured laminate flooring choice. Here, a black rug provides a good contrast to draw attention to the room’s more unique features. However, if your flooring is already on the darker side, then a black rug would be underused. If you’re going to go for a black rug, you want to really maximise its properties – not let it go to waste.

Black rugs are sleek, sophisticated and highly on trend right now, so could be exactly what you’re looking for to modernise your décor. Our range of black rugs are durable and hard wearing, good at masking dirt and stains, and come in a range of styles, sizes and thicknesses.

If you are looking for a truly modern rug, then one of our black rugs would be a great fit. A black rug is already a very bold statement, given how much they stand out against lighter furnishings, but our styles are unique and contemporary, and can really make a room pop.

Because black is such a bold colour, it also works well in a patterned rug paired with a white or cream tone. The high contrast that a black pattern provides means it lends itself to ornate designs. If you’re looking for something less complicated, but that still emphasises a black and white contrast, we have a range of patterned rugs inspired by Scandinavian interior design, in which the black blends seamlessly into the white; a cool, quirky, ultra-modern style that could transform your décor.

A black rug is a great choice if you’re worried about not having enough time to maintain or clean your rug. Black can hide all manner of sins, such as dust, wear and tear, and even stains. If you want a low maintenance, high fashion rug, then a black rug is an excellent choice.

In addition, we have a range of black shaggy rugs, which add an extra sense of comfort and cosiness, and are even more durable. Shaggy rugs are, in their nature, thick, warm and comfortable underfoot, designed for heavy foot traffic and to stand up to a lot of use. If you’re looking for something that will last a long time, will never go out of style, and will easily adapt to whatever room changes you may decide on, go for a black shaggy rug.

Because we know black rugs are so popular and so versatile, they’re available in formats across the thickness range, meaning you can spend less and still get a high quality, fashionable rug. We also have a variety on the smaller end of the spectrum, so even if you’re pushed for space, you can find room to accommodate a contemporary, stylish black rug. Lighter rugs aren’t as durable as the heavier varieties, and won’t last as long, but aesthetically they will give the same effect in a room, and are still very easy to maintain in terms of cleaning.

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