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Blue Rugs

A blue rug is a choice that's becoming increasingly popular in interior design. They come in a range of shades, patterns, and sizes, and we’re seeing blue used more now in furnishings, wallpapers and upholstery, so, because of their versatility and unique character, a well-picked blue rug could be a perfect addition.

Duck egg blue is a shade that’s proving particularly popular, and works very well as an elegant, modern rug. This lighter shade is perfect for rooms that need opening out a little, or rooms that attract a lot of natural light. Not as bright as a white rug, while being more interesting than a cream one, a duck egg blue rug is calming and spring-like, and adds a beautiful extra dimension.

But if that’s not the look you’re going for, if you want something more wintery and cosy, a darker shade of blue will achieve that effect. Think of deep, rich navy blues, almost on the purple end of the spectrum – these colours are reminiscent of pristine clear nights, and paired with dark leathers, wooden floors, or upcycled furnishings, they can create an effect that is both cosy and elegant.

Blue also works very well in interesting patterns and designs. Our blue patterned rugs are inspired by the ocean and nature, where blue features prominently – think of blooming blue flowers, or tumbling waves in the summer. The patterns used call to mind surf swells, raindrops, and great shoals of fish, connoting a real sense of adventure, but at the same time, they're calm and levelling.

We also have a range of patterns that draw out the floral properties of blue. These are on the more traditional end, but used in a dining room or a lounge, tread that line between classic and modern very well. Because of blue’s popularity, we often receive new designs that won’t always be found in some of our other colour ranges, so take a look and see if there’s anything that catches your eye.

A calming coloured rug is nothing without the texture underfoot, and that’s where our blue rugs shine too. Not only do advanced weaving techniques and technological developments make our blue rugs durable and long-lasting, but the materials used across our whole range of blue rugs make them beautiful underfoot. There’s nothing worse than a rug that feels abrasive when you walk across it, particularly if you’re trying to create something warm and homely. Thankfully, our blue rugs are super soft and beautifully textured, and a real joy to walk upon.

When you invest in a rug you want a few things. You want something that’s going to last a long time, you want something that’s not going to get worn quickly, and you want something that’s going to stay in style – something that looks as unique 10 years down the line as it does now. A blue rug will do all these things, and with our range, you’re safe in the knowledge that you’ll be ordering high quality, high style, and quick delivery, so you can just concentrate on where you’re going to put it!

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