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Brown Rugs

Brown rugs are an elegant, modern choice that complements wooden floors, leather sofas and refined statement furnishings such as cabinets and coffee tables. The innovative weaving techniques used for our range of brown rugs make them durable and long lasting, able to withstand heavy footfall and retain their shade over many years, while always being comfortable to walk on. We have a wide range that will fit into a variety of home and commercial settings.

If you’re looking for a standard brown rug, we have several shades to choose from. Something lighter, like a Mocca, is a great option in a shaggy style. The tone combined with the thick threads of material catches the light in different ways across the rug to really give that sleepy, morning coffee effect.

Brown rugs also come in a range of darker tones which would be perfect if the room you’re looking to decorate includes a piece of leather furniture; the dark, sleek colour of leather perfectly offset by a warm, matt coloured brown rug in something like a chestnut, or dark chocolate tone.

Our brown rugs come in a range of thicknesses to suit whatever vision you’re trying to create. A thinner rug is a gentle, light option, which would work in a room you weren’t expecting to get a lot of foot traffic through – or, in a room where the rug was used underneath a table. Though possibly not appropriate for a hallway or commercial setting, you can also browse brown rugs in thicker varieties which would work perfectly for these purposes.

Our brown rugs also come in a range of sizes, so no matter what kind of home you live in, or what room you’re trying to decorate, there’s a rug for you. A brown rug would work exceptionally well in a hallway, with the shade’s natural warmth creating a calm, welcoming feeling for when you enter your home. There are several sizes that would suit this purpose. We also have smaller rugs and even round rugs, which are an interesting and eye-catching alternative to a more traditional shape.

Because brown is such a versatile shade, it is also particularly well suited to being used in a patterned rug. If you were looking for a rug to act as the centrepiece of a room, then a brown patterned rug is a great option, with darker shades working beautifully with lighter ones. If you have wooden floors, then a brown patterned rug could be an excellent choice, naturally complementing the grain of the wood.

A brown patterned rug would also add an element of luxury to proceedings. Imagine a large pale backdrop on which a taupe shade is used to add exquisite detailing, either as a border or as concentric borders working into the middle. You still get the warmth that a brown rug offers, but with a finish that is more visually interesting.

A brown rug can be a much more exciting addition to a room than you might think, so browse our wide range of sizes, shades and patterns and you’ll find something to suit your needs.

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