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Cream Rugs

A cream rug is a bright, neutral, clean addition to any room. Our range of cream rugs come in a variety of styles, from shaggy weaves to more traditional forms, meaning that there are always plenty of options for you to pick from.The latest weaving techniques across our range of cream rugs mean the days of thinking that cream rugs will lose their colour instantly are gone – they can remain clean and vibrant for much longer, with any errant stains able to be removed with ease.

Many of our cream rugs are also on the thicker end of the scale, meaning they can cope more easily with heavy footfall and cleaning, so if you’re looking for a rug that’s going to take some wearing in, one of our cream rugs may be the perfect option.

If you’re looking to transform your room into the height of Scandinavian comfort and cool, then a shaggy cream rug should definitely be something to consider. Warm and soft under your feet, shaggy rugs are also incredibly durable and wearing, meaning you can lie back on them in front of the fireplace when the nights start to draw in.

You may have heard about the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ which has been very popular in interior design recently, essentially meaning creating a feeling of cosy contentment in your room. Well, shaggy cream rugs are the definition of hygge!

Cream rugs can work in very minimalist designs, which is why they’ve been a staple choice in flooring for so long. With minimal effort, a cream rug can really open a room up, increasing the sense of scale and emphasising natural light or high ceilings.

If you are looking to make the most of a small space, a cream rug is a great way to set about achieving this. Or if you’re looking to double down on a room that’s already breezy, light and calming, a cream rug can reassert the mood that other features are helping to create. As a flooring option, one of these rugs is really a jack of all trades.

Another advantage to a cream rug is how well it works on a range of flooring options. If you’ve decided to go with a lighter coloured floor, then a cream rug is a great option, blending with the colour of the wood or laminate to give a two-tone effect to your flooring. Alternatively, if you have a darker wood floor, a cream rug can provide a good contrast, the darkness of the wood emphasising the brightness and vibrancy of the cream tone.

Our range of cream rugs are available in a range of prices too, from high end to the more affordable varieties. However, because of the inherent neutrality of a cream tone, a cheaper option will still work to create the effect you’re looking for, meaning if you’re on a limited budget but still want to inject an element of class, style, and comfort into your home, a cream rug is a strong choice.

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