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Green Rugs

Green rugs are a unique and interesting addition to your home, and perfect if you’re looking to channel the great outdoors in your décor. Whether it’s a light, lime green, or a dark, mossy, autumnal green, it’s a colour that is intrinsically linked with nature, health and beauty. We have a wide range of styles, sizes and thicknesses for you to choose from.

Green is a beautifully levelling colour. It has the ability to stand out, but also to ground you, and as a result it makes a perfect centrepiece rug. If your room is currently dominated by pale wooden tones, lots of natural light, and more traditional furnishings, then a green rug will set this off beautifully.

Choosing a shaggy green rug will emphasise that natural effect, almost creating a lawn effect inside your own home. Our shaggy rugs are made from the latest weaving techniques, and so are durable, resistant to wear, and most importantly, incredibly cosy. With a green shaggy rug you’ll want to lie back on it all day and imagine you’re in an English country garden in the summertime. Open a window and let the sound of breeze and birdsong in, to complete the effect!

A darker green rug will also work as an interesting addition to an elegant, traditional room, full of rich mahoganies and classic pieces. If you were looking for a fireplace runner, for instance, then a dark green rug would be an excellent choice. Our darker green rugs are also advantageous as they hide dirt and stains well, so maintaining them will never become too onerous!

If you’re looking for an alternative, then a lighter green shade might be better for you. Think of fresh grass, ripe limes and Granny Smith apples – these greens are fresh, crisp and vibrant. You could achieve that effect with a bright red, or a shocking pink, but a light green will pop in the same way, while having the advantage of increased design versatility. Whether you’re going modern or traditional, a green rug is a great choice.

Keeping with the outdoors theme, our green patterned rugs use nature as an inspiration in their designs and blends of colours. Different shades of green are offset by pale beiges, darker browns and deep blacks to echo a forest setting. Perhaps you’re looking to inject a bit of nature into your city dwelling – this is a perfect way to do it, and a rug is less likely to die on you than a house plant!

All our green rugs come in a variety of sizes, so no matter what you’re looking for, you can find a green rug to suit your needs. An extra large room rug in green is an elegant, traditional choice, while a smaller, round rug, in a lighter shade, could work as a finishing touch to a bedroom or living space. Green is also a great choice as a hallway rug. As the first tone you see when you enter, it sets a mood that is welcoming and calm, exactly what you want to create.

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9 Item(s)
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