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Grey Rugs

Grey rugs are a sleek, cool, and modern addition to any room. Our wide range of grey rugs utilise the most advanced weaving techniques to create a product that is as durable and long lasting as it is stylish. If you’re looking to emphasise a contemporary, 21st century feel in your home, consider a grey rug.

Grey rugs are a perfect match to contemporary electronics such as televisions, speaker systems or laptops. As more care is put into the design of these products, they begin to take up a more central place in your home’s décor, becoming as important as a cabinet, table, or indeed, a rug! Choosing a darker, metallic shade of grey can complement these items and highlight them.

Grey rugs also work if you’re adopting a minimalist approach to your interiors. Grey has the dual effect of being quite a neutral tone, but also having more character than a white or beige rug. As a result, it blends into its surroundings very easily, and can work in most rooms, but doesn’t have the brightness that some other rug shades have. If your home is dominated by blacks and whites, and you’re looking for something that stands out without being lavish or overwhelming, a grey rug will have that effect.

That’s not to say that grey rugs can’t also feel warm and cosy, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then we have a range of grey shaggy rugs that will achieve this. A shaggy rug is a durable, long lasting choice, and much easier to clean and maintain than a lot of people think. Choosing a shaggy rug in a dark grey tone, like a slate or stone, is a perfect combination of Scandinavian warmth and comfort, with penthouse style.

Grey lends itself to many different tones, each with its own character – from lighter, shimmering shades to dark charcoals. Patterned grey rugs are a good way to show off the colour and highlight what works about each of these different tones. Traditional designs are not common in our grey rug range, but still have an influence, with geometric block-coloured borders surrounding central, larger blocks. We also have a range of ultra modern blended designs that have darker grey tones working into lighter ones, creating a washed, rippling, almost oceanic effect.

Because grey is becoming a more and more popular shade in rugs – perhaps a sign of tastes shifting from the traditional to the modern – we have a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and weights to suit all rooms and budgets. A large, thick grey rug will stand the test of time well, and could become a feature in your home for many years. A smaller, lighter rug won’t handle as much footfall, but the weight will complement the sheen of the grey tone – if you think your rug won’t have to withstand as much use, you could choose one of our lighter options.

So browse our range of grey rugs if you’re looking to add some contemporary style to your home – you never know, it could transform your décor into something you had never envisioned before.

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