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Pink Rugs

Pink rugs are a classic colour for any child’s bedroom or living area, and work perfectly in these settings. Bright, floral, and exciting, a pink rug will light up a room and inject a real sense of fun. We have a wide range in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and tones, all manufactured using the latest weaving techniques, so you can be sure you’re getting a high quality product.

Children’s rooms can be tricky to decorate for, because children are tricky to please! But with one of our pink rugs everyone goes home happy. Our kids' patterned rugs incorporate bright and bold designs, with colours picked to match and highlight the eye-catching pink background. Because these rugs are expected to get a lot of use, they’re also extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about the colours dulling, or the patterns getting worn. These rugs should absolutely stand the test of time.

Pink rugs are as good for toning down as they are for livening up a room, and we have styles that will do just this. A lighter shade of pink will give a much calmer mood to a room, and works perfectly in lounges or living spaces. Our pinks are floral, spring-like, and work wonders in creating a light and breezy feel all year round.

The floral nature of pink tones is brought out even more by some of our pink patterned rugs, which incorporate designs inspired by English country gardens, and Japanese cherry blossoms. A lighter pink backdrop is matched by darker pink flowers in tasteful designs that are both traditional and contemporary. These rugs are beautifully eye-catching, without being over the top, and make a great centrepiece for any room.

But pink doesn’t have to be the centrepiece. A bright, shocking pink will work if you want something that’s going to stand out, but if you’re looking for something altogether more elegant, then our pink rugs come in a variety of more muted, pastel shades: Soft corals, salmons, peaches and blushes.

These more traditional varieties work in rooms where you want the rug to blend into your surroundings. If the star of the show is some elegant furnishing, or a feature wall, then a well chosen pink rug will work to highlight and embellish this, without drawing attention away.

When you buy a pink rug you want to ensure that the colour lasts for a long time. We pride ourselves on all our rugs being durable, long-lasting and resistant to wear, giving you total peace of mind when it comes to choosing your piece. If you expect your rug to get a lot of use, go for one of the thicker options, but even on the thinner end of spectrum, you’ll be getting a good quality product. The lighter tones of pink will need more maintenance, as they’re more prone to stains, but this won’t damage the fibres in the long run – you can just concentrate on where to put your new rug to show it off at its best.

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