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Purple Rugs

Purple rugs are bold, eye-catching and stylish, and can really make a statement in your home. We have a large choice of purple rugs, from lighter, floral hues to dark, regal options. Whether you’re looking to open up a space, or inject a bit of luxury, you can do this, and much more, with a purple rug.

As a colour, purple is intrinsically linked with luxury and class. Historically speaking, purple was rare and more expensive to produce, which left it reserved for royalty – Queen Elizabeth I only allowed particularly close members of the family to wear purple!

Thankfully, purple is no longer the preserve of the elite, yet it still retains those connotations. Choose a dark plum shade to transform a hallway or lounge into something elegant. At this end of the spectrum the colour is rich and deep, almost like wine – this also means it hides dirt and stains very well, so it would be suitable for an area of your home that gets a lot of footfall.

If that's the area you are looking to furnish, you’ll be glad to know our purple rugs are available in thicker sizes up to 50mm. A thicker rug will stand the test of time – it can withstand a lot of use whilst still maintaining its original colour, and, if you’re choosing a patterned rug, its design. Thicker rugs are more expensive, and when you spend more money you want peace of mind that you won’t have to go out and replace it at the first sign of wear – the advanced weaving techniques used in our purple rugs make them durable and long-lasting, and can set your mind at rest.

Purple is also, by nature, a complex colour – in the original colour wheel created by Isaac Newton, he split purple into shades of indigo and violet, to ensure that there were seven colours rather than six, a number associated with the occult. A quirk, perhaps, but it does highlight just how unique shades of purple can be. A purple patterned rug emphasises this even further, allowing the different shades to bounce off and complement each other. Purple also works well with a variety of other colours, including black, red and white.

Purple is a fun colour, there is no getting away from that! It’s bright, it’s vivacious, it’s summery. It reminds you of blooming flowers, of gorgeous rainbows, of long vineyards and ripe fruit. If you’re looking to furnish an open plan room, or a room that gets a lot of natural light, then a lighter shade of purple would work perfectly, almost like a gilded edge to your other furnishings.

Think of a purple rug as the icing on the cake, or a finishing touch. Its depth makes it pop less than a bright white or bold red, but its character means it will still stand out. What makes purple such a great choice is that it will do this without drawing attention away from the rest of the room – in many ways, a purple rug is the ideal centrepiece.

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8 Item(s)
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