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Red Rugs

Red rugs are adaptable, to fit your mood with consummate ease. From dark, wine coloured shades to lighter, pink frosting tones, red rugs run the whole gamut from elegant luxury to everyday casual. We have a wide range to choose from, in several shapes and thicknesses, whatever design itch it is that you’re trying to scratch.

On the darker end of the red spectrum, you have shades like burgundy, crimson, and merlot, which lend themselves nicely to traditional patterned rugs. Some of our patterned rugs are heavily inspired by north Africa and the middle east, calling to mind beautifully scented bazaars with thick rugs piled high. One of these in your home would connote a real sense of adventure and intrigue.

If you’re looking to decorate a room with a lot of natural wood features – be that flooring, cabinets, wardrobes or shelving units – a well chosen dark red rug would be a perfect colour match.

A dark red tone also works well paired with a black in a more contemporary pattern. Placed side by side, dark red and black have a bold, bright, almost graphic novel feel, with the patterns feeling uniquely contemporary. If you want your rug to stand out, rather than blend in, matching these two bold tones would go far to achieving the desired effect, transforming your room into a New York loft or London penthouse in no time.

However, if you’re looking for something lighter, more summery and maybe less serious, then a lighter toned red rug would perhaps be a better option. Working a little like a cream or white rug, a light red shade can open up a room, catch natural light beautifully and increase the sense of space. Lighter coloured red rugs are also bold, bright and eye-catching, and so work as a statement piece when paired with more neutral tones.

We also have a range of red rugs in a shaggy variety, which makes an interesting change from more traditional rugs. Shaggy rugs may seem daunting in terms of upkeep and cleanliness, but the opposite is true. Shaggy rugs are durable, heavily resistant to footfall and easy to clean. A red shaggy rug would add warmth, comfort and brightness to a room.

With a red rug, you’ve got two main options: traditional elegance, or contemporary style. Red has been used in traditional rug patterns for a long time, allowing ornate and luxurious designs to flourish, enhanced by its hue. Contemporary rug designs have adapted this and taken the same principles, but applied them to more minimalist creations, so now you have that same sense of luxury, but without it being as much of a statement – more a seamless blend into your own home.

Then there’s the secret third option – a plain, red rug. Bold, thick, bright and stylish, if your home’s décor is predicated on simplicity, vibrancy, and blocks of colour, then choose a matt red rug in a bright, eye-catching tone.

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