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Turquoise Rugs

Turquoise rugs work in a similar way to a lot of neutral tones, while bringing more colour and texture to a room. They are light enough to open up a space, but can also stand out as a centrepiece if that’s what you were looking for from your rug.

Turquoise is also a very summery tone, and even though blue has connotations of being a cooler, even emotional colour, turquoise actually has the opposite effect. Our tones are inspired by beautiful, swelling oceans, and wave upon wave lapping against the shore. It may seem odd to think of turquoise as a warming colour, but it can serve this purpose while also feeling refreshing and calming.

It’s this idea that has inspired our range of turquoise patterned rugs too. Deep, velvety turquoises blend into bright, pristine whites, like the foam of a wave. Straight lines are eschewed for subtle curves which emphasise this effect, and dark, deep navy blues are used to accent the full character of the turquoise, which is absolutely the star of the show in any patterned rug.

If you’re looking for something with a slightly cleaner, crisper design, then we’ve incorporated these same principles into more geometrically patterned rugs, inspired by artists like Piet Mondrian. Turquoise is not the dominating tone, and instead is used sparingly, offering flashes of brightness in amongst a more neutral palette. These patterned rugs are elegant, stylish, and super modern, and would fit right at home surrounding by sharp, defined lines, and more minimalist furnishings.

A turquoise rug is also a natural choice if you were looking for an addition to a bathroom. Bathroom rugs are not for everyone, but if you are thinking of going that way, choosing a tone that will match is essential. A small, round turquoise rug would fit with any oceanic accessories your bathroom may have, and will be a nice counterpoint to the zincs, silvers, and mirrors you’d expect to find in a bathroom. Get a round shaggy turquoise rug and it will be more durable, and won’t take as much maintenance.

Thankfully our turquoise rug range is wide enough that whatever you’re looking for, we’ll have you covered. A thinner rug would be a good match for the colour’s clean, calming effect, while a thicker rug would be useful if you were expecting it to get a lot of footfall. Because turquoise feels like a more modern colour, then our modern designs and textures are ideally suited.

Go on, take the plunge and choose a turquoise rug for your home, and start channeling the spirit of summer.

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