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White Rugs

White rugs are a classic, bright, useful addition to any room. A perfect centrepiece or finishing touch for your décor, our range of white rugs comes in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and weights, and are all made using advanced weaving techniques, so you can be sure you’re getting a product that will stand the test of time.

The concerns a lot of people have with white rugs are down to maintenance. White will discolour, they think, pick up dirt and stains, and the beautiful tone you had set out for your lounge or living area will last about a week. Thankfully, our white rugs are very easy to clean and maintain. With white shaggy rugs, a quick shake outside will remove most dust and dirt, while our entire range is durable enough to withstand hoovering and carpet cleaners. Your whites won’t let you down!

But what are the design advantages to choosing a white rug? If you’re looking to create a pared down, minimalist tone in your room, but still want to feel warm and cosy, then a white rug is ideal. Soft under foot, a white rug will add comfort while not being garish or distracting. It will fit beautifully with cream furnishings, beige walls, and light wooden flooring.

A white rug can also work as a good accent tone for a room dominated by darker colours and furnishings. If combined with a source of natural light, a white rug can open a room up, increase the sense of space, and allay any claustrophobia that might be creeping in as a result of too many darker tones.

Think of a white rug as a problem solver; they can be remarkably versatile, which is why our range comes in a wide variety of sizes. Perhaps you’re looking for an extra large room rug that can fit around other, more 'statement' pieces of furniture – a white rug will do that for you. Or maybe you want a small, round rug to tie a room together – a white rug will do that for you as well!

The other advantage to white is how good it looks as a shaggy rug. A white shaggy rug can transform any room into a cosy, wintery, Scandinavian lodge. It calls to mind sheepskin rugs laid in front of a fire, or huge centrepiece rugs in mountainside dining halls. Think of giant, melting candles, or warming goblets of mulled wine – a white shaggy rug will go far towards creating an après-ski vibe that people really love.

Because white is such a neutral tone, it also lends itself to patterned kids rugs as well. Our range includes designs that children will love, with bright, colourful narratives and characters standing out on a large, blank backdrop, like the page of a beloved storybook. It’s likely that kids rugs will take a bit more punishment, but you’ve nothing to worry about; our rugs are highly resistant and durable, and you can be sure that any patterned rug you buy will continue to look its best.

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