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Yellow Rugs

Yellow is vivid and vibrant, automatically bringing light and positivity to a room. It can bring warmer tones into a space, bring colour to otherwise plain rooms, or lighten rooms that are too dark. Whether you want sophisticated or silly, there is a mustard, gold or neon yellow for everyone!

A main atmosphere created by yellow is a playful one, that encourages activity and energy. It can also draw out people's imagination and creativity, making it ideal for children's rooms. Yellow is also beneficial in children's rooms due to its ability to make a room more happy and positive place, and its gender neutral look.

Alternatively, lighter pastel tones can make a room appear lighter and calmer as opposed to vibrant. This works well in conservatories for example for a delicate look, or in lounges or hallways that are atmospherically complimented by light colours. It will match lighter tones here, such as whitewashed floors or cream furniture, helping offset the potentially overwhelming shade. More golden tones can decorate a dark space that uses black, helping add sophistication and bring warmth to the room. Clearly, yellow is a versatile shade and can be used in many ways.

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