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Extra Large Rugs

An extra large rug is a rug that generally measures up to 300 x 400cm and is an ideal furnishing accessory for really big areas in the home, office and particularly retail spaces. An extra large rug adds character and warmth to your home, as well as allowing scope for making a large design statement in textures and colour.

Larger rugs tend to be machine made, with a high knot count and dense pile, so they are very stable as well as feeling wonderfully soft and thick underfoot. Our larger rugs are also very durable; the fibres are packed together very tightly, allowing them to withstand a heavier footfall and also making it harder for the surface to retain dirt.

An extra large rug is often used as an alternative to a fitted carpet, as it requires no time-consuming and complicated installation. These rugs are very useful in areas of heavy foot traffic like a gallery or foyer, and today's manufacturing techniques offer a wide variety of textiles and finishes to add interest to your design scheme.

Such techniques include carved deep pile rugs, tufted rugs, and rugs in a novel range of shapes, since some artificial fibres can be heat sealed in curves. Extra large rugs can also make a focal point in a neutral area of floor like a showroom or gallery, and can provide a particularly good contrast to a hardwood floor.

An extra large rug allows much more scope for design, whether it is in the complicated arrangement of geometric shapes or the representation of lively natural scenes incorporated into a woven product; in visual terms, bigger is often better! A larger room can benefit greatly from bold modern compositions in colourful abstract shapes, which can be really eye-catching in a wide open space like a showroom.

Our Malmo or Zorro ranges, for example, in a number of colourways from grey to turquoise, make a bold statement in modern design, incorporating geometric shapes and colour phasing to stunning effect, while the New York and Lima ranges offer more abstract, curvilinear designs in both bright and muted colours which will make a bold statement in your office or lounge.

For the living room and bedroom, we can offer luxurious deep pile shaggy rugs, available in a broad spectrum of colours ranging from a neutral white, black or grey, through cream, light grey, green and mocha, to some deep, vibrant shades in pink, purple, orange and turquoise – so you can really go back to the seventies!

All of our extra large rugs are created using only the highest quality materials and the most modern weaving methods. This ensures that all our products are made to last for many years, standing up to heavy and frequent usage and still retaining their luxurious surface and colours. Our collection of extra large rugs is available in a wide range of styles, from luxurious designer rugs to less expensive, simple rugs, so you can be sure to find just the rug you want.

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