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Extra Small Rugs

An extra small rug is an item of furnishing which can provide an accent to a room, either of texture or colour, or which provides a necessary addition to existing floor surfaces, such as a fireside or bathroom rug, or something to cover an indelible stain. An extra small rug or mat can also be used in areas of particularly hard wear, like a doorway or porch, and can be made of almost any material, even recycled plastic.

One of the plainest and simplest of extra small rugs is the natural sheepskin, used throughout the world wherever sheep are found, for clothing and especially for keeping the feet warm as a rug. Sheepskin is known for its excellent insulating properties, and is also flame-resistant and repels static electricity. Man-made fibres can now also be modelled to represent sheepskin, called shearling.

An extra small rug is often hand-made, and many traditional styles are very small because they are woven on a hand loom or hooked with a carpet hook. The fireside hooked rug, for example, was originally created by hooking scraps of discarded yarn (known as thrums) into a linen or burlap backing, and was historically carried out by poor mill workers scavenging the thrums from the factory floor. Simple patterns could be created using different colours or textures and, because the quantities of scavenged yarn would be fairly low, the finished rug tended to be very small, often just big enough to put the feet on for warmth.

Later on, especially in North America, the tradition changed when thrums became scarce and wool had to be saved for knitting, so other fabrics were used. An extra small rug could be made out of cotton, silk, nylon stockings or any scraps of left-over fabric, and hence came to be called rag rugs. Patterns and colours became more complex over the years and some traditional hooked rugs show fine examples of pictorial design, and in fact rug-hooking is now regarded as a fine art; an extra small rug of this type can even be used as a wall-covering.

Extra small rugs in other traditions come from a nomadic or tribal background, where hand-weaving had to be done on the move, and patterns reflect simple representations of natural elements like plants or birds. Designs can also be abstract, with a distinct nomadic character, and some are said to have talismanic or protective elements. Extra small rugs of this type would have been made originally of animal hair or plant fibres, and colours tend to be in the spectrum of natural shades derived from plant dyes.

At Luxury Floorings and Furnishings we have a collection of extra small rugs which are perfect for introducing a touch of style to your home. Whether you want a decorative piece, or you just need to a little additional warmth and comfort to your home, all our extra small rugs are of the highest quality, feeling wonderful underfoot and retaining their pristine appearance for many years to come.

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