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Large Rugs

A large rug is a rug usually measuring around 200 x 290cm, though it can be more, and is of such a size that it forms a focal feature to any room. A large rug can bring warmth to your home in winter and texture in the summer, while it adds a welcome splash of colour at any season.

Larger rugs tend to be machine made, with a dense pile and high knot count, so they are very stable as well as feeling wonderfully thick and soft underfoot. Our range of large rugs are also very hard wearing; the fibres are packed together very tightly, which allows them to cope with heavier footfall and also helps to prevent the surface retaining dirt.

A large rug is a furnishing accessory that can add great warmth and character to any substantial space in your home or workplace. In a dining room, for example, a large rug can be positioned under the table and chairs for additional comfort for diners, as well as for protection against damage from the higher volume of traffic in that area, and to highlight the style of your particular dining set.

In the living room a large rug can be positioned between your sofa and easy chairs and the TV, where you can choose a design that is soothing to the eye, perhaps in a single plain colour, or one that reflects some other design feature in the room, like a floral or animal motif.

Larger rugs can help to add interest to a room with very few natural design features, making a focal point in a large expanse of neutrally coloured floor surface, like a showroom or gallery. You can also use one to cover stained or worn areas in an old fitted carpet. A large rug can soften the texture of a hardwood floor, making the surface more comfortable to walk on while at the same time greatly enhancing and complementing the natural beauty of the wood.

A large rug allows much more scope for design, whether it is in the complex geometric structure of an oriental rug, or in the reproduction of a picture on a woven product. Visually speaking, bigger is sometimes better! A larger room can really benefit from bold compositions such as colourful art-deco flowers, or perhaps a representation of a tall sailboat on a wide blue sea, which can be really eye-catching for a large rug in an open space like a children's playroom.

At Luxury Floorings and Furnishings, our large rug choices offer a wide variety of high quality options, in a broad spectrum of colours, styles and sizes. Whether you are looking for a brightly coloured, playful rug for your nursery, or a stylish modern rug for your living room, we can offer you warm shaggy rugs, practical rugs or stylish traditional rugs, all manufactured using the latest weaving techniques to ensure that you have a beautiful rug as well as an extremely durable product.

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