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Medium Rugs

A medium rug is a rug that usually measures around 160 x 230cm, though this measurement is flexible. A medium rug is a good size for many situations, and so is one of the most versatile rug choices you can make for your home. It is one of the most popular options on the market, as it will not be so big that it totally overpowers your room, nor so small that it has no real practical purpose.

A medium rug is a furnishing accessory that can add great character and warmth to any space in your home or workplace. It can help to lighten up a room with very few natural features, making a point of interest, for example, on a large expanse of neutrally coloured floor surface, like a boardroom or showroom, or reinforcing worn or patched areas in an old carpet. A medium sized rug can also greatly enhance the beauty of wood flooring.

Medium sized rugs are very useful in areas of heavy foot traffic like a kitchen or hallway, and today's manufacturing techniques offer a wide variety of textiles and finishes to add interest to your décor. Such techniques allow for tufted rugs, carved pile rugs and rugs in a novel range of shapes, since some artificial fibres can be heat sealed in curves. Eco-friendly rugs can even be made from recycled plastics, braided or coiled in bright colours for extra durability on your front porch or conservatory.

Similarly hardwearing are medium sized rugs made from natural materials like jute or hemp, which look stylish in a kitchen, office or work room, while still standing up to a great deal of wear and tear. Medium rugs can be machine or hand woven, braided or hooked like a North American rag rug, while traditional flat-weave rugs can be hung like a tapestry on the walls.

A medium rug can placed in any living or work space, such as a small conference room, a dining room or bedroom. Placing a medium rug in between sofas arranged in a U shape gives a particularly pleasing effect and displays bold designs to great advantage.

It can also be the middle size in a set of three matching rugs, so that you can design a room where each of the three sizes plays a different yet complementary role. A medium rug in front of the fireplace, for example, will draw together a matching small rug in front of the fireside chair, and the larger rug in the centre of the room or under the table.

At Luxury Floorings and Furnishings, our medium rug category offers a wide variety of high quality options, in a broad spectrum of colours and styles. A medium sized rug is ideal for your home or office use, and we can offer you warm shaggy rugs, practical rugs or stylish traditional rugs, all manufactured using the latest weaving techniques to ensure that you have a beautiful rug as well as an extremely durable product.

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