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Kids Rugs

Kids rugs are a brilliant way to brighten up a children's bedroom or playroom. Usually produced with colourful designs, kids rugs keep children happy, while at the same time protecting the hard floor underneath.

Your children are the most important thing in your life and this will be reflected on the décor you choose for their rooms. A colourful and fun rug will convey a happy mood to a child's room, and make it a place they – and you – will want to be. Our range of bright colours and fun designs will ensure that your kid's room will be the talk of the playground.

The variety of colours and styles available in modern rugs makes it possible for every child's favourite theme to be represented, from designs like a simple flower or star to elephants, owls or planets. With today's more complex manufacturing techniques, kids' rugs can also be made in a variety of different shapes, from plain rectangles to curvilinear, asymmetrical, round and even star-shaped.

Obviously, the age of your child is going to influence your choice of the perfect rug. For a nursery rug, for example, you might be looking for something of a softer texture, like a plush rug, where a baby can play comfortably but which is still easily washable, or you may choose a rug to match the nursery décor, if you like pastel colours or baby-friendly designs.

Once your children grow up a little, though, they are likely to want to choose for themselves, and then the design of a kids' rug will be influenced by their interests; ponies, perhaps, or zoo animals or cartoon characters. A kids' rug should be something that encourages them to have fun, to romp around or relax on, while watching a video or reading a book.

Once your children become teens and young adults, kids' rugs are going to look very different, as they will be looking for modern trends and durability; something that makes them look cool to their friends but which reflects their burgeoning individuality, like a fashionable vintage rug or colourful shag-pile.

Another aspect to choosing a kids' rug is that it has to be safe for your children to play on, but at the same time extremely robust and easy to care for, preferably washable. Many children's rugs today are made from natural fibres or non-toxic synthetics that can withstand both the rough and tumble of children’s play and the probable necessity of frequent washing.

At Luxury Floorings and Furnishings we have a large range of kids' rugs available in a variety of themes, including well-known story characters, animals, flowers, abstract play rugs and even educational rugs to help your children learn their ABCs.

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