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Plain Rugs

A plain rug is a rug that is usually a solid block of a single colour and has no pictorial or multi-coloured design features. Plain does not necessarily mean uninteresting, however, as the lack of complexity in the colour scheme allows for a wide diversity of textures to be explored.

Using a single colour allows a plain rug to be any shape or size, as it doesn’t need to conform to a traditional template. Round, rectangular, oval or square, and even more unusual shapes can be undertaken if you go for a hand-crafted rag or hooked rug, where you can cut the backing template to your own design and select single or multiple fabrics to attach to it.

All sorts of different effects can be created with fabrics, wool or other materials, using a variety of weaving techniques to create a simple design in a plain rug. Pile heights can be flexible on a rug, while additional textural features can be created using a cutting tool to carve the pile into varying heights. This can either be simple, with a high pile border round a shorter pile centre, or more elaborate, with geometric shapes or simple designs carved into the pile.

Modern viscose fabrics can be made into soft plush rugs, which give a lustrous sheen to any block of colour and are velvety to the touch. These look particularly good in metallic or jewel colours and reflect the light, adding a bright focus to an otherwise plain floor.

Conversely, you could choose a coarser material, like sisal or jute, to place over a fitted carpet in areas of hard wear in the house, such as a hallway, or under a coffee table. This kind of rug can be found in a basic basket weave design and other rustic styles.

A shag pile, or shaggy, rug has rows of additional weft threads knotted into the warp structure on a loom to create its thick, shaggy appearance. These were very popular in the 70s, and today are making quite a comeback!

With a plain rug you can choose the colour and shape to complement your room, and add texture to it, which can be either vibrant and energising or have a calm, relaxing feel. A plain rug is an ideal choice to showcase a hardwood floor, as it adds a splash of colour which draws attention to the contrasting beauty of the wood. On the other hand, a neutral toned rug can contrast with the background colour of a fitted carpet and provide some interest for the eye.

With only one primary colour, a plain rug can be coordinated with many design themes, and can be used to jazz up a plain room or tone down a busy one. At Luxury Floorings and Furnishings, we offer a range of plain rugs in a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials, so you can be sure to find a rug that is perfect for every room in your house.

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