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Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are a long-lasting, stylish and comfortable rug choice that will instantly add warmth to your room. The long pile surface across our whole range of shaggy rugs means they’re incredibly durable, and can withstand heavy foot traffic. At the same time, shaggy rugs are the definition of cosy – they feel beautiful underfoot, and because you know how tough they are, you won’t have to shy away from enjoying that feeling as much as you want!

Shaggy rugs have a very Scandinavian feel, and we know how good the Scandinavians are at their interior design. So many homes these days are influenced by Swedish or Danish items in particular, so a shaggy rug would be an ideal addition. If you feel your house could do with a bit of warming up, then a shaggy rug will solve that problem too – they’ll keep your feet warm, but if you want to just lie back on them, we won’t stop you. In fact, we have rugs that are big enough for you to do just that.

All our warm shaggy rugs are made with high quality materials such as wool, cotton, polyester and more. More importantly, they come in a range of different colours to suit whatever décor you’ve got going on. If you’re looking for a neutral tone, then a white, cream, or beige shaggy rug will fit the bill, and look particularly good on pale wooden flooring, or surrounded by equally neutral leathers and accessories.

If you want something muted, but with a splash of colour, then a pink or turquoise shaggy rug would be a good choice, bringing a lot of light into the room without dominating proceedings and distracting the eye.

Perhaps you want a more stand-out shaggy rug, something that’s going to take centre stage. A bright red, warm orange, or rich brown will do just this. Or, if you wanted something calming and spring like, why not try a green shaggy rug? Our tones are inspired by the great outdoors and beautiful country gardens – a green shaggy rug would channel this within the home, and add a real blast of freshness. Whether your décor is modern, traditional, or toeing the line somewhere in between, a shaggy rug will fit in – they are incredibly versatile.

Shaggy rugs work exceptionally well as large room rugs, as they transform a space into something really warm and inviting. However, maybe you’re looking for something a little smaller, to fill a gap or to act as a finishing touch. We have shaggy rugs of all sizes, so you can be sure your needs will be fulfilled, and you can still get that soft shaggy rug finishing touch, without having to think about how you’ll get it through the door!

From 10mm to 50mm, our shaggy rugs come in a range of thicknesses to fit all budgets, so they'll work out to be excellent value too. Browse our range and start planning where you’re going to put yours.

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