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Traditional Rugs

A traditional rug is a rug that has been made in a way handed down across generations through a long period of time, from centuries to thousands of years. All of our traditional rugs are manufactured using the finest materials and expert weaving techniques, and they can be purchased in a variety of sizes, thus making them ideal to enhance both small and larger rooms.

These rugs are available in a variety of antique designs, in vivid colours and striking patterns which will look stunning in any room in your house.

A rug or carpet is a free-standing weave of textiles, which can vary considerably in texture, size and colour, and is usually made from wool, silk, cotton, linen and other fabrics, including even old rags! Some are woven like fabric on a frame, with warp and weft threads, while some are knotted or tied onto a prepared backing grid.

In general, most traditional rugs are associated with the area of their origin: Oriental rugs, for example, come from various regions around the Middle East and are knotted by hand, drawing woollen fibres through a woven backing fabric and knotting them to produce a raised pile surface. Colours would originally have come from natural dyes and patterns reflect cultural designs of floral and geometric shapes.

The most famous traditional rug or carpet in France is called an Aubusson, from the village of that name, and is woven using a tapestry method. This combines an elaborate pictorial design with a flatter surface texture, and is woven on an upright frame using linen, cotton and wool, but can also incorporate richer materials such as silk, silver and gold thread. Hunting and court scenes were popular in this mediaeval industry.

A traditional Chinese rug features oriental scenes, made originally from silk fibres knotted into a cotton or wool backing, while rugs made by nomadic tribes are of basic colours woven on a simple wooden frame, using the wool from their sheep or goats.

British Axminster or Wilton rugs are made from wool, and traditional designs often incorporate rural scenes with birds and flowers. The North American hooked rug uses a specialised hook tool to pull scraps of wool or fabric through a burlap backing, and these rugs can be abstract or pictorial in design.

A traditional rug is a rug whose classic style has been proved over centuries of use and which is guaranteed to add elegance to any household décor. It is made by those who have learned their craft over generations and whose designs are known the world over.

A rug can spice up an existing bland surface, cover a stain on the fitted carpet, or highlight an attractive hardwood floor. Depending on your design scheme, it can give you an oriental, cottagey or even mediaeval theme. A rug is also a moveable feature: while a carpet is set in place for its lifetime, a rug can be put anywhere in the home and moved around for a change of aspect.

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