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Thick Rugs

A thick rug is a rug with a relatively high pile height, which conveys a feeling of greater comfort and warmth to your feet as you sink into that deep pile. A thick rug is also designed to be very durable and to absorb the maximum amount of wear and tear, maintaining its appearance throughout many years of heavy foot traffic.

The pile of a rug refers to the raised surface of its fibres, which is composed of the upright strands or loops of wool or yarn which stand up from the backing. Pile is defined by the density and height of its fibres; a short pile usually refers to a rug composed of close-packed, short fibres, while looser, longer fibres are usually called shag or shaggy. Traditional woven rugs do not have a pile, as they are made on a loom by weaving a horizontal yarn (weft or woof) through the vertical yarn (warp) which is strung on the loom.

The pile height refers to the overall depth of a rug when measured from its finished surface to its woven backing. The height of pile on a rug can vary from a low pile at approximately 6mm to a medium pile measuring between 6 and 13mm, and a plush or shag pile can be between 13 and 20mm, or even longer. A thick rug is therefore one with a high pile height and fibre density.

A thick rug will have a high knot count per inch: in traditional rug-making, individual knots are tied into the warp yarns that define the length of the rug, or into a woven fibre backing, and the knots form the rug's pile. The more knots there are, the more dense the overall surface of the rug. Since this operation can now be done by machine, a greater quantity of knots creates a higher density rug, which will be more stable and more resistant to dirt getting trapped within the fibres.

Placing a thick rug in any room in your home will instantly give it a vast amount of texture and character. At Luxury Floorings and Furnishings we have thick rugs in many attractive styles and colours, so you can be sure the ideal rug is waiting here for you.

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