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Thin Rugs

Thin rugs have a slim surface pile layer making all products extremely lightweight and flexible. The main advantage of thin rugs is that it is easy to slide objects over the pile layer. This makes them perfect if you are wanting to put chairs on top of the rug or if you are wanting a kids rug so your child can still slide toys over it. This would be very difficult to do on a thick pile rug as the pile will not move. Short pile rugs are also easier to care for and this can allow thin rugs to last longer. Even though it is our thinnest category of rug, do not let this deceive you into thinking the quality is sacrificed. All of our rugs are woven using the latest technology and techniques to ensure our products are extremely durable.

Our thin rugs are excellent for those with underfloor heating who don't want a rug to obscure its effectiveness. They are also perfect for putting down during warmer months where you do not the warmth that a thicker pile can offer, but still wish to use a rug to accessorise your home, hide marks on flooring, or simply complete a look.

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