Solid Wood Flooring Construction Advice

Solid Wood Flooring Diagram Structured Solid Wood Flooring Diagram

Our beautiful and classic solid wood flooring is obviously constructed from pieces of real solid wood, however, there is also a VFJ option which would be ideal for you if you think your flooring may be exposed to humidity and temperature changes. Please read further below:

100% Solid- As the name suggests, solid wood flooring is simply just one strip of solid wood directly from the tree, this makes it incredibly strong and the most traditional flooring option. Solid wood is also a fantastic option because it lasts for hundreds of years as it can be sanded down and refinished many times, only solid wood can boast that advantage!







Structured/Solid VFJ- Structured or VFJ (veneered finger jointed) solid wood is constructed with a solid oak veneer as the top layer of the board then a core layer made up of strips of solid oak, finger jointed together. This design is made from only real wood and makes for very strong and resilient flooring due to the clever way the wood is joined together, which reduces the chances of any expansion or warping.