Solid Wood Flooring Dimensions Advice

Our solid wood flooring is available in a wide range of thickness and widths, choosing which one you need can seem very daunting but please be assured that all of our flooring is of the same quality and will work well in the vast majority of rooms. Please read here for further information on our solid wood flooring dimensions.

Thickness- We know the importance of providing you with good quality flooring that will last for years to provide you with value for your hard earned cash! All of our solid wood flooring is between 14mm and 22mm, this ensures that your floor will be able to be sanded down and retreated many times. Of course, a thicker board will last longer but you may require a thinner one dependent on your needs (e.g. thickness of any existing flooring). Please be aware, if it is not a solid base that you are installing the floor, you may need a thicker floor of at least 18mm.

Width- The width you choose for your flooring is completely down to you as all widths are the same great quality so the strength and ability of your floor will be the same. We stock a range of widths in our solid wood flooring, from 100mm to 180mm. You will want to consider the size of your room and the effect you are aiming to achieve as a smaller plank width will make your room appear larger and larger widths will look best in open spaces and seem more traditional.