Solid Wood Species Advice

    Solid Species Advice

We would like to introduce you to the different species of wood available for your solid wood flooring. Obviously they all look different as our pictures show but we want to ensure you can make an informed choice; so go on, have a read!

Oak- Oak is usually recognisable by the straight and looping grain patterns and the knots in the wood, this will create a traditional and natural look in your home. Oak is certainly our customers most popular choice for solid wood flooring, therefore, we stock an array of colours in a variety of different sizes and finishes to suit your requirements, whatever they are. All our oak is grown in Europe ensuring great quality and consistency with every board.

Acacia- Acacia is a very unique option for your solid wood floor, as is evident in the pictures, acacia is recognisable by its light and dark multi-tone appearance and the knots in the wood. Acacia will certainly add a touch of chic design to your home and will create an interesting feature that will compliment any room.

Bamboo- Our solid bamboo flooring is made by bonding bamboo strips together either vertically or horizontally, depending on whether a thin or wide grain is needed. Bamboo flooring is aesthetically pleasing and is definitely our hardest wearing flooring. Bamboo can also boast that it is ecologically friendly and a sustainable resource for flooring so you can do your bit for the environment too!

Walnut- Walnut is a rich dark wood which stands out due to its exclusive grain patterns, burrs and knots. Graining patterns of walnut can be linear or irregular, which will give your flooring added diversity and prominence compared to other wood species. As it's a naturally dark wood, walnut tends to become slightly lighter over time in direct sunlight.

Ash- Ash is a very hardwearing product that was originally used for weapons and therefore can withstand high levels of traffic in any home. The light colour of Ash is ideal for using in dark rooms as the shade will increase the brightness of the room. The prominent grain adds a large amount of character to the creamy wood flooring, which will hold its colour over time.