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Brushed and Lacquered Solid Wood Flooring

Brushed and lacquered solid wood flooring is a spectacular, sparkling flooring option that can also give your wood a sturdy protective finish. When it comes to finishing solid wood floors, the two most common options are a lacquer finish and an oil finish.

Why Brushed & Lacquered Flooring?

Firstly, Brushed and lacquered solid wood flooring looks fantastic. Not only does the floor sparkle, but it’s also well protected from spillages and scratches. As a result, it’s one of the more popular finishes. Depending on your taste and needs, the shine and texture of lacquered floors can be tailored.

Generally lacquer finishes come in three varieties; gloss, semi-gloss and matt, so you can choose just how much sparkle you want your flooring to have.

As with any lacquered finish, the floor is easy to clean since the surface is so smooth. Lacquered finishes are water resistant, which means that spills won’t cause any lasting damage as long as you clean them up fairly quickly.

What are the alternatives?

If you want a slightly less shiny floor, but still want a natural look, then brushed and oiled would be a good solution.

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5 Item(s)
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