Brushed and Oiled Solid Wood Flooring

Brushed and oiled solid wood flooring is seen as 'the old fashioned way', and is certainly the way to go if you want your wood floors to have a rustic, natural feel. Oiled finishes don’t just provide a protection to the top layer of the floor as lacquered finishes do, they also provide internal protection to the wood itself.

Why Brushed & Oiled Solid Wood Flooring?

First and foremost, the brushed and oiled finished gives a more natural look to your floor. Rather than sparkling and reflecting large amounts of light, a brushed and oiled wood floor provides warmth, and reveals the natural character of the wood.

Secondly, despite it needing a little more care than a lacquered finish, a brushed and oiled floor doesn’t need constant care and attention, and is unlikely to mean a complete overhaul of the floor if something should go wrong.

What are the alternatives?

Unfinished wood floors are a good alternative to brushed and oiled if you’re looking for a more natural finish to your flooring. Unfinished also allows you to oil it at your convenience, or if you change your mind on a finish you want once the flooring arrives.

If you are looking to really protect your solid wood flooring while also creating a completely natural, organic and untouched feel, a brushed and oiled finish is one of the best ways to go.

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