Lacquered Solid Wood Flooring

Lacquered solid wood flooring is often referred to as a varnished finish, and offers a protective layer over your solid wood floor while also giving it a healthy shine. A traditional choice, it's often associated with classic style homes.

Why Lacquered Solid Wood Flooring?

The lacquered finish is incredibly eye-catching, and is one of the most popular available.

There are many benefits to a lacquered finish, one of which being that the shiny finish makes the floor incredibly easy to clean.

The lacquer layer on the wood also makes it more resistant to spillages, although not completely waterproof. Some manufacturers also offer a UV filter for floors which are going to come into contact with a lot of sunlight.

Lacquered flooring is ideal in rooms which have heavy traffic such as hallways.

What are the alternatives?

There are many different finishes available which may also appeal, for example brushed and lacquered or oiled, which are incredibly popular.

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