Oiled Solid Wood Flooring

Oiled solid wood flooring is a fantastic natural flooring option. When it comes to putting a finish on wood floors, there are generally two main options: a lacquered finish and an oil finish.

Why Oiled Solid Wood Flooring?

Unlike the lacquer option, in which the finish sits on top of the wood and creates an extra layer between your feet and the floor, an oiled finish seeps into the wood and leaves every board showing its charming natural texture, making it an ideal solution for those who want to bolster the authenticity of their family cottage, or give the office a cosy, homely feel. The look and feel of oiled solid wood flooring is exquisitely rustic and unaffected. Whatever type of wood you choose, or however it has been cut, and no matter what kind of grain it has, an oil finish lets its natural charm show through.

Repairs to oiled solid wood flooring can be more frequent than with a lacquered finish, but they are also less labour-intensive. When some of the oil finish is worn away, you can simply recoat it, with no sanding required.

What are the alternatives?

Brushed and Oiled is another finish to consider if you’re wanting an even more rustic look to your flooring. Alternatively, you could consider unfinished, and then oil it yourself when you’re ready to.

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