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Click Solid Wood Flooring

Click solid wood flooring is the way to go if you want a quick, easy and clean installation for your solid wood floor. The name refers to the way the edges of the board have been cut by the manufacturer, two sides of every board having been cut with a "female" profile and the other two sides with the corresponding "male" profile. That means the boards are designed to join tightly with one another, and to "click" into place without the need for glue or nails. The result is that there is less of a hassle during installation.

The click design represents an innovation and improvement on the more traditional tongue and groove model, and makes their installation even easier, and more feasible for those who want to take a DIY approach to their new wood floor.

Click flooring can also be taken up and re-laid very easily. This is a big advantage in cases where you may need to have access to the subfloor, in case of a spill for example, or if you decide you want to reposition the flooring. It also means that it is extremely simple to replace a couple of boards if a part of your flooring has been damaged.

Additionally, click flooring is extra spill resistant because of the tight glue-free bond between the boards. It is especially hard for liquid to penetrate the joint and get down under the boards.

One drawback of click flooring is that, since it is a new design, it doesn’t come in quite as many woods and colours. That said, you still get a good deal of variety with click flooring, and can choose from a range of finishes including lacquered, brushed and oiled, and hand scraped and oiled.

As with tongue and groove flooring, it is essential that your underlay is of a high quality. If you have a concrete subfloor, for example, it is necessary to have a damp proof membrane (DPM) to ensure that the underside of your click solid wood flooring is kept nice and dry. The DPM is less necessary if you have a wooden subfloor, as the chances of damp affecting the click flooring on top is significantly reduced.

However, even for click floors with a solid wood underlay, you still need to be careful to control the temperature and humidity in the rooms where they are installed. Changes to the climate can be one of the biggest problems for wood flooring, as they are a major cause of shrinkage and expansion of the wood.

For that reason, you should take extra care not to let the temperature and humidity fluctuate too much. Air conditioning in the hot summer months, and a good humidifier in the drier parts of the winter should keep the conditions of your room just right to prevent your wood floorboards from swelling or shrinking.

Take great care of your click solid wood flooring, and you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

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