Bevelled Edge Solid Wood Flooring

For a 100% natural product that offers boundless practicality and charisma, look no further than bevelled edge solid wood flooring. Each board utilises a characteristic 4V groove, taking the intricate personality of real wood grains and giving them individualistic distinction. With visible indentation at each join, every plank delivers bespoke pronunciation, heightened authenticity, and unmistakable style. Solid wood flooring has remained a highly popular choice amongst both residential and commercial property owners alike, promising unrivalled durability and an extended lifespan. Whether you’re looking for traditional charm, unfaltering performance, or a perfect balance of the two, bevelled edge solid wood flooring is an ideal choice for you.

The Benefits

Bevelled edges offer a myriad of both aesthetic and functional advantages. Each gently sloped edge provides outstanding tactile sensations underfoot, allowing you to feel physical depth with every step. The enhanced texture evokes rustic sensibilities and prototypical design. Additionally, the 4V groove removes some of the hassle associated with flooring installation. Because each edge runs diagonally to the surface of the board, slight imperfections made during the fitting procedure will go unnoticed. This allows for a greater margin of error, whilst still delivering flawless visual results.

The Choice

Our exceptional stock of bevelled edge solid wood flooring is available with a choice of three hardwood species, expertly selected for their stunning appearance. Whether you adore the classic flair of oak, the indulgent tones of walnut, or the decorative complexity of acacia, we’ve got something that’s perfect for you.

Alongside a collection of species, each bevelled edge product comes in a variety of styles, finishes, and plank dimensions, giving you freedom of choice like no other. Don’t hesitate to order one of our unlimited free samples, and make a start on achieving impeccable interior design today.

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  1. Brimham Golden Oak 125 x 18mm Sale Badge
    Brimham Golden Oak 125 x 18mm
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  2. 70mm x 350mm Invisible Oiled Solid Oak Parquet Wood Flooring Blocks, 18mm Thick Sale Badge
    Thorpe Pasture Oak Herringbone 70 x 350 x 18mm
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2 Items