Fixed Length Solid Wood Flooring

For the prototypical aesthetic of traditional solid wood flooring, look no further than fixed length boards. Cut with exact precision, each board measures at equal lengths, creating a uniformed yet charismatic staggered effect. Fixed length solid wood flooring is one of the most popular solutions on the market today, delivering unwavering performance alongside a timeless appearance. With an extensive lifespan, incredible wear resistance, and 100% natural materials, hardwood boards are sure to improve the look and feel of any style of home.

The Benefits

Fixed length solid wood flooring promises a plethora of utilitarian benefits alongside its boundless personality. As each board is milled from only a single piece of hardwood timber, solid wood flooring can be sanded and refinished an indefinite number of times. Not only does this enable surface damages to be pacified with ease, it also increases the value of your property, removing the need for re-installation. In addition, real wood flooring has an outstanding lifespan of 25-years, and proves easy to maintain with minimal care and equipment.

The Choice

We are always dedicated to providing amazing products with outstanding availability. Our collection of fixed length solid wood flooring is no exception. With a choice of decorative oak and exotic merbau, you’re sure to find something that is perfect for any interior scenario.

In addition to two bespoke choices of species, our stock offers a variety of styles, finishes, and plank effects. Don’t forget, even our most expensive products are cheaper than our competitors’! Place your order today.

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