Solid Wood Parquet Flooring

Parquet solid wood flooring is one of the most sought after styles on the wood flooring market. A classic style used in older luxury buildings and very typical in Europe. It is distinct from single-plank wood flooring, which as the name indicates makes use of long continuous planks of wood.

Why Parquet Flooring?

If you want to give your house a period look, then parquet flooring could be the option for you! With the style dating back to the 17th century, parquet flooring is available in a number of species of wood, including oak, maple and walnut, and has been making a comeback in homes for the past few years.

Parquet flooring typically costs a bit more than other solid wood flooring options because the fitting process tends to be a good deal lengthier than that of single plank flooring. Additionally, if you choose a complicated pattern, it can take even longer.

What are the alternatives?

Parquet flooring is highly customisable and can be purchased with a number of finishes, wood species and joining methods.

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