Single Plank

Single plank flooring is the most popular wood flooring style available. Take a look at our incredible range and order your free samples today!

It is also distinct from multi strip wood flooring, in which planks of varying lengths are laid in an irregular pattern. In single strip wood flooring, the boards are all the same length, which tends to make rooms look more spacious than the multi strip and parquet options do.

The boards in single strip solid wood flooring tend also to have tongue and groove edges, which is the classic model for fitting floorboards together. One side of every board has a protruding tongue while the other side has an indented groove; that way, the boards fit easily together.

The tongue and groove design is distinct from the so-called "plank" design in which the floorboards’ edges are flat, a type typically used in parquet flooring that gives fitters more freedom in creating atypical patterns. Since single strip flooring generally comes with a single option for patterning, however, there is no need for using the plank method.

Another edging option that is becoming increasing popular is called click flooring. As in the tongue and groove model, the edges of click flooring boards are specially designed to fit together. However, in this case the fitting is made easier, so that it can be done without the help of a professional fitter. The boards just "click" into place.

An additional choice you will have to make if investing in single plank solid wood flooring relates to the style of the edges, rather than the logistics of fitting them together. As in other flooring options, single strip boards come with the choice between bevelled edges and square edges.

While bevelled edges make for a small, decorative groove between each board once the floor has been laid, square edges mean that the floor is flat and each board touches the one next to it. Rather than being a practical consideration as when choosing between click flooring and tongue and groove, this choice is largely a matter of aesthetic preference.

In terms of size and colouring, single strip flooring offers far more choice than the multi strip alternative, mostly because it is more popular, and so there is a great deal more supply.

The width of single strip solid wood floorboards can range from 70mm to 180mm, whereas multi strip boards tend to be on the wider end of the spectrum. Single strip planks can come in a range of stain and finish options as well, including many colours and both oil and lacquered finishes.

In addition to all the choices that single strip solid wood flooring offers, the design is also praised for its simple, elegant and spacious look, which will lend an enlarging effect to whatever room you decide to put it in.

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